Hampton Roads Chamber Event - The Glass

The Glass :    Evolving the Business Woman

I am honored to be presenting at the Hampton Roads Chamber event The Glass, Evolving the Business Woman.  

I have been asked to present on exercises that the modern woman can do while sitting at her desk in business attire, even while wearing a dress!  I was excited to put together this presentation, because it so far outside my normal exercise routines, and I just love helping women fit fitness into their daily routines.

Before we start our seated desk workout, let's think about what you can do leading up to getting to your desk!  You have probably heard most of these before, but, it cannot hurt to hear them again.  If you drive to work, make sure to park at the back of the parking lot to log in those extra steps, and of course, opt to take the stairs!  The few extra minutes it will take you adds great cardiovascular benefits.  Make sure to bring a refillable water bottle with you, and don't bring a giant one!  Something 8 -16 ounces is perfect, because each time you finish it, it will give you another excuse to jump up out of your seat and head to the water cooler for a refill - bonus steps!  Make sure to shoot for at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day (Ex. a 150 pound woman would want to drink at least 75 ounces of water daily). 

Once your day has taken off, don't forget that some simple stretching can help to relieve stress!  Start by taking a few deep inhales and exhales, adding a slow count to 3 or 5 as you inhale, and repeating as you exhale, drawing out your breath. 

Next you can do some head rolls, starting by bringing your chin to your chest, and rolling forward to the left, then forward to the right, only ever rolling forward. Repeat several times.  Then, do some simple shoulder rolls, making sure to even it out by doing them in both directions.   You can also do a seated cat/cow at your desk, by arching your back and rolling your shoulders forward, chin to chest, then lift the chest and the chin looking up. 

Then you can try a seated twist.  reach your left hand across your body to your right knee and twist at the waist looking back over your right shoulder.  Hold for a count of 10, come back to center, and repeat on the opposite side. 

Now that you are ready to go, you can start some leg lifts.  These are so discreet, someone sitting next to you might not even notice you are exercising under your desk.  Sitting upright with your feet planted, slip your shoes off, and lift your right leg out, straightening it and pointing your toes.  Next, slowly lower and lift your leg, stopping just before touching the floor.  Repeat for a count of 12, and then on your last count, do a small leg circle (think about tracing a quarter with your big toe), then reverse it, repeating 12 times.  Lower down your right leg, and repeat on the left.  You can do small sets of these all day long! 

Next, plant your hands on your chair and lift your seat a few inches up off your chair.  Hold for a count of 12 then lower down.  Repeat a few times.   If your desk is sturdy, now is the time to do some pushups off your desk!   If you don't have a sturdy frame, you can squeeze a couple in on the wall.  When you are done, add some calf raises.  While standing, just lift and lower your heels, and hold for a few seconds, then while raised, add some tiny pulses before lowering back down. 

This is really just the beginning of how you can change your day by adding in some little exercises.  Get creative and keep your body moving throughout the day, even if you are stuck at a desk!