Monday, Monday

Happy Monday!!!!  I mean it ;) 


This morning when I woke up and started browsing Facebook with my coffee in hand, I feel like I was bombarded with memes of how terrible Monday is.  It started with a picture of some cat covering it's face and asking Monday to go away, followed by some sesame street character describing Monday morning with a four letter word, and then some sort of strange looking monkey complaining that the weekend is gone and now that horrible Monday is back again....

Now seriously, how is that a way to start your day????  First things first, I think I need to ingest a full cup of hot coffee before surfing the net - that's on me.  But, beyond that, why start your week off with such a negative tone? I understand that many people have had such fantastic weekends that they dread the thought of going back to work.  And maybe, just maybe I am one of the lucky ones who loves my job(s), but what if we all shifted our attitudes from something so negative, to something positive??

Happy Monday!  Today is a day for a fresh start.  Today is the day to start your week off on the right foot, to make some changes for the positive.  To recognize that you can make today anything you want to, and you can start it off with a horrible negative attitude about the day ahead of you, or you can put a positive spin on the fresh start a new week brings.