Fit on Fox Saturday, June 20!

Hello!!!!  Thank you so much for checking in for another of our Fit on Fox workouts!  I feel so lucky to be able to share these exercises with all of you.  Exercising is essential to our health, and it is easy to get burned out, lost, or just bored with your same old routines.  Try out some of these new moves for something to shake up your workout!

Here is our workout for Saturday!

Around the world squats: Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart and the ball extended overhead, as you squat lower the ball as if drawing a big circle.  At the bottom of the squat the ball should be just off the ground, as you stand continue the revolution as the ball travels around and back overhead.

Rainbow Drop: Stand tall with ball positioned over your head, then pivot the feet and rotate your trunk as you decelerate and lower the ball to one side.  As you pass the knees simply drop the ball allowing it to bounce.  Catch the rebound and explosively return the ball overhead, then pivot and rotation the opposite direction decelerating as you lower the ball toward the ground

Hammer chops: Begin in an athletic stance with feet hip-to-shoulder width apart and the ball positioned off one hip.  Stand as you bring the ball up and across the body, allowing the elbows to bend as you wrap the ball around your head, then chop the ball down and across the body finishing on the opposite hip.  Repeat alternating directions

Plank Up/down:  Starting in a plank position, with hands beneath shoulders, slowly lower down to your forearms, one arm at a time.  Then slowly lift back up to plank position.  Repeat alternating your lead arm.  

Skater Lunge:  Cross your left leg behind your right, as you bend your knee into a squat position.  Let your arms swing as you hop a few feet to the left, bringing your right leg behind you.  Continue alternating back and forth, taking a step if you prefer not to jump.   

Runners Balance: Starting in an athletic stance, knees slightly bent, lift your right leg up in front of you, keeping your knee bent, using your arms to help balance.  Slowly take your leg back behind your body, keeping your knee bent, leaning forward just slightly.  Continue alternating front and back, then switch legs.  

We used Dynamax medicine balls for many of our exercises today.  Dynamax has been around for 30 years and is the medicine ball of choice for the top athletes in the world.  It's size keeps the shoulders in a safe neutral position and the soft shell makes it easy to catch and throw.  Medicine balls are the most functional training tool you can use and are great for building core strength, power, endurance, while helping you with coordination, balance and agility. Grey 6lb. ball $79  Red 4lb. ball $74

My clothing has been provided by Lucy Activewear, available at or at the Lucy store at the Fashion Mall!  Lucy activewear is created with style and performance that you can count on.  Lucy activewear is made for women who like to move!   If you stop in to Lucy at the Fashion mall, say Hi to Whitney or Keely, and tell them I sent you in!  

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Stay fit friends,