Fit on Fox June 13, 2015 Animal Workout!

Here is our workout for Saturday June 13, 2015!  The best part of this home workout is that you can do it all without any equipment and still work your entire body.  So many people think you cannot workout without a gym membership, but that's just not true.  All of these exercise can be done at home, or even out in the yard!  This is also a really fun workout to do if you are home with your kids this summer, they love to play as if they are animals, and they are getting in some exercise too!


Crab Walk - lowering down to the floor with your hands and feet planted, belly butting facing the ceiling, walk across the room alternating movement with your opposite foot/hand, then return backwards.


Flamingo - starting with feet hip width apart, lift one leg up until your thigh is parallel to the floor.  Hinge forward at the waist extending your lifted leg behind you, and extending your same side arm back behind you.  Squeeze your glute as you return to starting position. 


Inch Worm - Start with feet hip width apart, and with straight legs roll down until your hands are touching the floor.  Walk your hands out with straight legs until you are in a plank position, then walk feet in straight legged until you are back in your starting position.  


Bunny Hops - with your hands on the floor, jump your feet from side to side, light and quick like a bunny! 


Leap Frog -  starting with feet hip width apart, toes turned out, hands clasped in front of your chest.  lower in a squat.  Slowly jump forward a few times, then back. 


Bear Crawl - lower down to the ground on all 4's, with your belly button facing the floor.  Move forward by moving your right arm right leg, then left arm, left leg.  When you get forward a few feet, reverse it and take it backwards. 

Finish off your workout with a nice Cobra stretch!  Lower yourself all the way to the ground on your stomach, then slide your hands beneath your shoulders as you lift your chest, while squeezing your seat! 


Kind Bars are something I always have in my purse, car, and gym bag.  When I am out and about running errands or picking up the kids, I don't want to put myself in a situation where I am so hungry that I stop and grab fast food.  The Kind snacks line of Nuts & Spices have only 5 grams of sugar,  with nothing artificial, and a great source of protein and fiber to help you refuel after your workouts.  Kind bars are made from wholesome, satiating ingredients that you can both see and pronounce!  


Do you like my outfit today?  You can find my fitness clothing for all four segments at or visit the Lucy Activewear store at the Fashion Mall at Keystone.  The staff at Lucy are there to help you find something to make you feel as bold and beautiful as you are. 

And, for customizable jewelry like the bracelets I have on, you can create your own at  The possibilities are endless!  


If you missed the segment live, here is the link!

Stay FIT friends :)