Race time!!!

This winter has seemed to drag on, February isn't even over yet, but it really feels like it should be!  I feel like my workouts have started to slow down, and I haven't been feeling super motivated to get moving - other than my weekly teaching schedule of course.  I started thinking about signing up for another race a few weeks back, and I realized that the last race I did was the Geist Half Marathon last year! How has almost an entire year gone by???  So, I checked the calendar, and I have just shy of 12 weeks to start training and get ready for the Geist Half Marathon of 2015!   I went online, printed off a free training schedule, and jumped on the treadmill.  While treadmill running is not my most favorite, it is 2 degrees outside, and I have no interest in hitting the icy sidewalks, at least not for another month or so.  It felt good to run again, since it has been a few months since I have even been on the treadmill, and my girls behaved surprisingly well!  (25 minutes almost uninterrupted, quick diaper change, and 15 minutes straight!).  I know that I am making a commitment to this race, and now that I have, I am ready for it.  After my run, I decided to put on this bracelet I put together for myself for a little daily reminder that I am doing this, and that I CAN do this!  

There is something so satisfying about finishing a race, or accomplishing a goal.  Finishing my first 5K a few years back was the start of something great for me in the world of fitness, so I am happy to get back to running!  Post your favorite races below in the comments - I know I am setting myself up for a hilly challenge in May, but I am excited!  If you want info on how to design and order a motivational bracelet for yourself, message me, or check out this site www.keep-collective.com/with/kelleym