Hello all!  Well, it has been a crazy few months to say the least, but we are settled in Virginia Beach and ready for Christmas!! 

I am always reminding others how to avoid stress eating, and tips for staying healthy while traveling, and let me tell you, I have been put to the test!  Several weeks of packing up, staying in hotels, visiting family, holiday parties, and the struggle is real!  I indulged, I ate to relieve stress, and I didn't work out the way I had planned.  I had to leave my position at the Monon Community Center, which was incredibly difficult after the friends I have made there, and the classes I have built up over my time in Indiana.  I think the hardest part about leaving was leaving all my Barre class friends, since those classes were something I had dreamed of bringing to the Monon, and I sincerely hope they can find a fabulous instructor to take my place so that the classes can continue! 

So, we are unpacked, the tree is up, and the kiddos are enjoying all the outdoor play time.  I am now almost ready to get out there and start looking for the perfect gym where I can get back to teaching!  In the meantime, I started Insanity with my favorite trainer Shaun T last week, and I am looking forward to seeing some progress from the video series and some clean eating!  

With the new year almost upon us, enjoy your holidays, be safe, and I will keep you updated with a teaching schedule as soon as I have one!