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This time of year, fitness and health reminders are everywhere!  The machines at the gym are full, fitness classes are crowded, and we are bombarded with commercials, ads and sales of diet products.  Why?? The New Year is a new chance to start over, and for many, the perfect time to reset.  

Did you make a New Year's resolution?  For many, the resolution is related to personal health and fitness, but sadly, most people only keep to their resolutions for a few months, or a few weeks.  How can you be successful and beat the odds?  Here are a few tips that lead you towards success.

1. Write it down.  Write down your goals, and be specific.  You want to lose 10 pounds? Write it down.  You want to make better choices in the kitchen?  Write it down.  Pen to paper - it's simple!

2.  Share your goals.  There is something to be said about sharing your goals with others.  Simply taking that step to let someone else know what you are hoping to accomplish can help turn that goal into a reality. So, share away. Share with your spouse, your best friend, your family, even Facebook!

3.  Drink more water.  Water is so wonderful for us, and the benefits are for our whole body! So, drink more water.  Maybe pick yourself up a new, cute, bright water bottle which will bring your water consumption into your thoughts throughout the day.

4. Don't let a minor set back turn into defeat.  Everyone makes mistakes, and that is okay!  Don't beat yourself up over one bad meal, or a night of over indulgence.  Wake up the next day, get physical, and move on! 

5. Last but not least - and this one is very similar to number 1. Write it down - every single thing you eat or drink.  If it goes into your mouth, write it down, or, type it out!  There are so many amazing apps available for fitness and health - a few of my favs are the Livestrong MyPLate app or MyFitnesspal.  Both apps give you an easy way to track your meals and drinks, and to really get an accurate picture of what you are consuming. 

Now that you have your tips, get moving!  If your goal is to get into better physical health, make sure you are moving every single day.  

Happy New Year, and thanks for stopping by!  Check back in for more health and fitness tips, or follow me on Twitter @kelleyfit1 or at