Love your body, no matter what

This morning, I had a very close friend send me a message - it was personal, and it had so much meaning.  She told me that even though she would like to, she will not go to a yoga class because she isn't skinny enough.  It really made me sad thinking about the fact that in the world we live in, someone is too intimidated to go to an exercise class, because their size isn't right.  She attached with her note an article which showed photos of curvy women doing yoga, and it inspired her.

I took some time to go through the photos, and they beautiful and inspiring.  It doesn't matter how curvy you are, or how skinny you are.  In any sort of fitness environment, everyone should feel welcome. 

I wanted to tell my friend that it does not matter your size.  To get out there and try a class.  If it will make you feel more comfortable, take a friend.  If that still feels like too much, try it at home first with a dvd or online video, but don't let the fear control you.  When we change our behaviors, or limit ourselves in activity because we are afraid of what someone else thinks, we lose.  

I also want to point out that as a Group Fitness Instructor, I sometimes feel a moment of intimidation - or worry what people will think.   Then I realize, every person in my class is there because they want to better themselves.  They are not gong to judge me if I drop down to my knees for pushups.  I don't need to explain to them that it is my third class of the day and that my arms are tired.  Each person in that room is worried about their own workout, their own body, their own problems.  No one is looking at the student on the mat next to them and thinking that they shouldn't be there because they wear a different pant size.  I can also tell you, that in my classes, I have students of all sizes.  I have skinny gals without enough arm muscle to do a push up or chaturanga.  I have larger women who are there, with a smile, week after week, nailing the choreography.  I have men who walk in just a little bit intimidated in the female dominated group fitness setting.  I have students with health problems, those who have had surgeries, and who have had babies.  I have mothers and daughters, best friends, grandmothers, coworkers, and husbands.   Everyone is there for their own reason, and all I ask of them is that they try their best (and turn off their cell phones, lol).  

I just want to make sure you all feel comfortable to put yourself out there.  Getting yourself to that first class is the hardest step, but once you are there,  you are a part of the group, and the only person who is judging you, is you.  You can do this!  Get out there, get out of your comfort zone, and pull on those yoga pants, no matter what size.