Hampton Roads Chamber Event - The Glass

The Glass :    Evolving the Business Woman

I am honored to be presenting at the Hampton Roads Chamber event The Glass, Evolving the Business Woman.  

I have been asked to present on exercises that the modern woman can do while sitting at her desk in business attire, even while wearing a dress!  I was excited to put together this presentation, because it so far outside my normal exercise routines, and I just love helping women fit fitness into their daily routines.

Before we start our seated desk workout, let's think about what you can do leading up to getting to your desk!  You have probably heard most of these before, but, it cannot hurt to hear them again.  If you drive to work, make sure to park at the back of the parking lot to log in those extra steps, and of course, opt to take the stairs!  The few extra minutes it will take you adds great cardiovascular benefits.  Make sure to bring a refillable water bottle with you, and don't bring a giant one!  Something 8 -16 ounces is perfect, because each time you finish it, it will give you another excuse to jump up out of your seat and head to the water cooler for a refill - bonus steps!  Make sure to shoot for at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day (Ex. a 150 pound woman would want to drink at least 75 ounces of water daily). 

Once your day has taken off, don't forget that some simple stretching can help to relieve stress!  Start by taking a few deep inhales and exhales, adding a slow count to 3 or 5 as you inhale, and repeating as you exhale, drawing out your breath. 

Next you can do some head rolls, starting by bringing your chin to your chest, and rolling forward to the left, then forward to the right, only ever rolling forward. Repeat several times.  Then, do some simple shoulder rolls, making sure to even it out by doing them in both directions.   You can also do a seated cat/cow at your desk, by arching your back and rolling your shoulders forward, chin to chest, then lift the chest and the chin looking up. 

Then you can try a seated twist.  reach your left hand across your body to your right knee and twist at the waist looking back over your right shoulder.  Hold for a count of 10, come back to center, and repeat on the opposite side. 

Now that you are ready to go, you can start some leg lifts.  These are so discreet, someone sitting next to you might not even notice you are exercising under your desk.  Sitting upright with your feet planted, slip your shoes off, and lift your right leg out, straightening it and pointing your toes.  Next, slowly lower and lift your leg, stopping just before touching the floor.  Repeat for a count of 12, and then on your last count, do a small leg circle (think about tracing a quarter with your big toe), then reverse it, repeating 12 times.  Lower down your right leg, and repeat on the left.  You can do small sets of these all day long! 

Next, plant your hands on your chair and lift your seat a few inches up off your chair.  Hold for a count of 12 then lower down.  Repeat a few times.   If your desk is sturdy, now is the time to do some pushups off your desk!   If you don't have a sturdy frame, you can squeeze a couple in on the wall.  When you are done, add some calf raises.  While standing, just lift and lower your heels, and hold for a few seconds, then while raised, add some tiny pulses before lowering back down. 

This is really just the beginning of how you can change your day by adding in some little exercises.  Get creative and keep your body moving throughout the day, even if you are stuck at a desk! 



Summer boot camp classes at Broad Bay Country Club


  Summer is rapidly approaching, and that means swim team will be starting soon! With swim team practice, also comes our summer fitness bootcamps. Bootcamps will be 30 minutes in length, and an optional additional AB session after we stretch.  Classes will be completed in time to grab your swimmer at the conclusion of their swim team practice. Schedule: May 30 - June 16   M/W/F  4:15 pm June 19 - July 21 M/W/F 8:15 am Price for members will be $65 unlimited, or $5 per session Non-members $7/class (Non-member participants must be swim team parents). For members, that means you can do over 20 classes for only $65!  For those of you who participated last summer, it will be a similar format, moving from station to station, with a different workout scheduled each day.  For those who didn't participate last year, give it a try!  Please don't be intimidated by the "bootcamp" title, I will provide modifications or progressions for every level of fitness! Make sure to bring your water and a yoga mat.  Email me with any questions kelley@kelleyfit.com See you soon! xoxo, kelley   ****No classes June 9th or July 3rd It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Kelley Minnaugh from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Kelley Minnaugh's negligence.  


Summer is rapidly approaching, and that means swim team will be starting soon!

With swim team practice, also comes our summer fitness bootcamps.

Bootcamps will be 30 minutes in length, and an optional additional AB session after we stretch.  Classes will be completed in time to grab your swimmer at the conclusion of their swim team practice.


May 30 - June 16   M/W/F  4:15 pm

June 19 - July 21 M/W/F 8:15 am

Price for members will be $65 unlimited, or $5 per session

Non-members $7/class (Non-member participants must be swim team parents).

For members, that means you can do over 20 classes for only $65!  For those of you who participated last summer, it will be a similar format, moving from station to station, with a different workout scheduled each day. 

For those who didn't participate last year, give it a try!  Please don't be intimidated by the "bootcamp" title, I will provide modifications or progressions for every level of fitness! Make sure to bring your water and a yoga mat.  Email me with any questions kelley@kelleyfit.com

See you soon!




****No classes June 9th or July 3rd

It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Kelley Minnaugh from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Kelley Minnaugh's negligence.


Monday, Monday

Happy Monday!!!!  I mean it ;) 


This morning when I woke up and started browsing Facebook with my coffee in hand, I feel like I was bombarded with memes of how terrible Monday is.  It started with a picture of some cat covering it's face and asking Monday to go away, followed by some sesame street character describing Monday morning with a four letter word, and then some sort of strange looking monkey complaining that the weekend is gone and now that horrible Monday is back again....

Now seriously, how is that a way to start your day????  First things first, I think I need to ingest a full cup of hot coffee before surfing the net - that's on me.  But, beyond that, why start your week off with such a negative tone? I understand that many people have had such fantastic weekends that they dread the thought of going back to work.  And maybe, just maybe I am one of the lucky ones who loves my job(s), but what if we all shifted our attitudes from something so negative, to something positive??

Happy Monday!  Today is a day for a fresh start.  Today is the day to start your week off on the right foot, to make some changes for the positive.  To recognize that you can make today anything you want to, and you can start it off with a horrible negative attitude about the day ahead of you, or you can put a positive spin on the fresh start a new week brings. 



hello July!

Hi!!  Are you as amazed that July is flying by as I am?  I feel like the kids just got out of school, and now we are already talking about shopping for new backpacks!  I hope your summer is going as amazing as mine is  - we are enjoying the hot summer sun, and spending as much time as we can outdoors. My new favorite activity is paddle boarding, and although I haven't been able to go nearly as much as I would like to, I have been able to spend some time out on the water!  If you haven't been, I highly suggest giving it a try!  Paddle boarding is so much fun once you get the hang of it, and it has the added bonus of a core workout while you paddle.

In other news, I am thinking about training for a triathlon - just a spring tri of course, but it will be a real challenge!  First step is to find and schedule a swimming lesson and print out a training plan.  As with any fitness program, keeping a schedule is imperative!  If you need a new fun planner to keep your fitness in check, click on the link below and check out one of these beautiful designs from daily greatness - super motivating and well, pretty!  I just ordered myself a DailyGreatness training journal - with 12 weeks of motivation!  Writing down your program or plan will always increase your chances of success - so make sure to document your plan - and your participation.  



That's it for now - but continue moving your body, and take advantage of the warmer weather by getting outside to enjoy the sunshine and soak in some Vitamin D :) 


Stay healthy!






Source: https://dailygreatness.co/?rfsn=276934.fec...

Healthy Fast Food

Life is busy, and it is SO easy to stop and grab fast food. Yesterday I took both girls to school, went for a run, cleaned the house and did laundry, picked up #1.  Home for snacks before running to ballet/tap class, grocery store, and back home. Pick up #2, home for snack, then off to soccer practice before coming home to make dinner. Sigh.  I am tired just typing this all out!  If I didn't have some healthy foods prepped and ready to go in the fridge, I am sure I would have ended up hitting a drive through and making a bad decision.  Of course, fast food isn't all bad, and nothing is bad in moderation, however, I usually cave in when I am over tired, starving, or both, and it is then that I am seemingly incapable of making a good decision. 

So, the solution is to have healthy foods prepped and ready to go, so that even on those tough days, you can eat healthy with minimal work!  One of my favorite "fast food" chains is Chipotle, and that of course isn't even that bad when compared to some others.  But, the serving sizes and the options can still lead to a super high calorie meal, so here is something I prep for easy, relish, meals! When I am really watching what I eat (Hello bathing suit season!), this is the perfect solution. 

I found this recipe on line for Chipotle style black beans, and it is awesome.  I regularly eat black beans without any seasoning, so it felt like a real treat!  


I prefer to use organic, low sodium black beans from Trader Joe's, but you can use any variety.   Once the beans were ready, I started my bowl! Some brown rice - 

Some delish copycat black beans - 

Some mixed greens, salsa, tomatoes, and a bit of shredded cheese!  Feel free to add some avocado if you have some on hand as well. 

And, there you have it, a healthier, portion controlled, tasty meal that doesn't make me feel like I am depriving myself! 

Any healthy recipes you adore? Share in the comments! 

Happy Friday!



Inlet Fitness

New Classes!!


Yay!! The time has finally come - the girls are settled and getting into their groove with school and extracurriculars, which means now it is MY turn!  My April schedule will be a little random, but by May I should have some consistent time slots and start growing some classes.

Barre - Sunday April 3 and 17 - 2pm

Barre - Thursday April 14 - 9:35am

Pilates - Saturday April 2, 9, 16, 30 

Piyo - Lululemon Store Sunday April 17th 


I am SO excited to get back to teaching, and I cannot wait to start meeting some local fitness friends - 


More to come soon,





Hello all!  Well, it has been a crazy few months to say the least, but we are settled in Virginia Beach and ready for Christmas!! 

I am always reminding others how to avoid stress eating, and tips for staying healthy while traveling, and let me tell you, I have been put to the test!  Several weeks of packing up, staying in hotels, visiting family, holiday parties, and the struggle is real!  I indulged, I ate to relieve stress, and I didn't work out the way I had planned.  I had to leave my position at the Monon Community Center, which was incredibly difficult after the friends I have made there, and the classes I have built up over my time in Indiana.  I think the hardest part about leaving was leaving all my Barre class friends, since those classes were something I had dreamed of bringing to the Monon, and I sincerely hope they can find a fabulous instructor to take my place so that the classes can continue! 

So, we are unpacked, the tree is up, and the kiddos are enjoying all the outdoor play time.  I am now almost ready to get out there and start looking for the perfect gym where I can get back to teaching!  In the meantime, I started Insanity with my favorite trainer Shaun T last week, and I am looking forward to seeing some progress from the video series and some clean eating!  

With the new year almost upon us, enjoy your holidays, be safe, and I will keep you updated with a teaching schedule as soon as I have one!  




Fit on Fox Saturday, June 20!

Hello!!!!  Thank you so much for checking in for another of our Fit on Fox workouts!  I feel so lucky to be able to share these exercises with all of you.  Exercising is essential to our health, and it is easy to get burned out, lost, or just bored with your same old routines.  Try out some of these new moves for something to shake up your workout!

Here is our workout for Saturday!

Around the world squats: Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart and the ball extended overhead, as you squat lower the ball as if drawing a big circle.  At the bottom of the squat the ball should be just off the ground, as you stand continue the revolution as the ball travels around and back overhead.

Rainbow Drop: Stand tall with ball positioned over your head, then pivot the feet and rotate your trunk as you decelerate and lower the ball to one side.  As you pass the knees simply drop the ball allowing it to bounce.  Catch the rebound and explosively return the ball overhead, then pivot and rotation the opposite direction decelerating as you lower the ball toward the ground

Hammer chops: Begin in an athletic stance with feet hip-to-shoulder width apart and the ball positioned off one hip.  Stand as you bring the ball up and across the body, allowing the elbows to bend as you wrap the ball around your head, then chop the ball down and across the body finishing on the opposite hip.  Repeat alternating directions

Plank Up/down:  Starting in a plank position, with hands beneath shoulders, slowly lower down to your forearms, one arm at a time.  Then slowly lift back up to plank position.  Repeat alternating your lead arm.  

Skater Lunge:  Cross your left leg behind your right, as you bend your knee into a squat position.  Let your arms swing as you hop a few feet to the left, bringing your right leg behind you.  Continue alternating back and forth, taking a step if you prefer not to jump.   

Runners Balance: Starting in an athletic stance, knees slightly bent, lift your right leg up in front of you, keeping your knee bent, using your arms to help balance.  Slowly take your leg back behind your body, keeping your knee bent, leaning forward just slightly.  Continue alternating front and back, then switch legs.  

We used Dynamax medicine balls for many of our exercises today.  Dynamax has been around for 30 years and is the medicine ball of choice for the top athletes in the world.  It's size keeps the shoulders in a safe neutral position and the soft shell makes it easy to catch and throw.  Medicine balls are the most functional training tool you can use and are great for building core strength, power, endurance, while helping you with coordination, balance and agility. www.medicineballs.com Grey 6lb. ball $79  Red 4lb. ball $74

My clothing has been provided by Lucy Activewear, available at www.lucy.com or at the Lucy store at the Fashion Mall!  Lucy activewear is created with style and performance that you can count on.  Lucy activewear is made for women who like to move!   If you stop in to Lucy at the Fashion mall, say Hi to Whitney or Keely, and tell them I sent you in!  

Don't forget to follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kelleyfit and on twitter @kelleyfit1

Stay fit friends,



Fit on Fox June 13, 2015 Animal Workout!

Here is our workout for Saturday June 13, 2015!  The best part of this home workout is that you can do it all without any equipment and still work your entire body.  So many people think you cannot workout without a gym membership, but that's just not true.  All of these exercise can be done at home, or even out in the yard!  This is also a really fun workout to do if you are home with your kids this summer, they love to play as if they are animals, and they are getting in some exercise too!


Crab Walk - lowering down to the floor with your hands and feet planted, belly butting facing the ceiling, walk across the room alternating movement with your opposite foot/hand, then return backwards.


Flamingo - starting with feet hip width apart, lift one leg up until your thigh is parallel to the floor.  Hinge forward at the waist extending your lifted leg behind you, and extending your same side arm back behind you.  Squeeze your glute as you return to starting position. 


Inch Worm - Start with feet hip width apart, and with straight legs roll down until your hands are touching the floor.  Walk your hands out with straight legs until you are in a plank position, then walk feet in straight legged until you are back in your starting position.  


Bunny Hops - with your hands on the floor, jump your feet from side to side, light and quick like a bunny! 


Leap Frog -  starting with feet hip width apart, toes turned out, hands clasped in front of your chest.  lower in a squat.  Slowly jump forward a few times, then back. 


Bear Crawl - lower down to the ground on all 4's, with your belly button facing the floor.  Move forward by moving your right arm right leg, then left arm, left leg.  When you get forward a few feet, reverse it and take it backwards. 

Finish off your workout with a nice Cobra stretch!  Lower yourself all the way to the ground on your stomach, then slide your hands beneath your shoulders as you lift your chest, while squeezing your seat! 


Kind Bars are something I always have in my purse, car, and gym bag.  When I am out and about running errands or picking up the kids, I don't want to put myself in a situation where I am so hungry that I stop and grab fast food.  The Kind snacks line of Nuts & Spices have only 5 grams of sugar,  with nothing artificial, and a great source of protein and fiber to help you refuel after your workouts.  Kind bars are made from wholesome, satiating ingredients that you can both see and pronounce!  


Do you like my outfit today?  You can find my fitness clothing for all four segments at www.lucy.com or visit the Lucy Activewear store at the Fashion Mall at Keystone.  The staff at Lucy are there to help you find something to make you feel as bold and beautiful as you are. 

And, for customizable jewelry like the bracelets I have on, you can create your own at www.keep-collective.com/with/kelleym  The possibilities are endless!  


If you missed the segment live, here is the link!  http://fox59.com/2015/06/13/at-home-equipment-free-animal-workout-makes-summer-fitness-a-breeze/

Stay FIT friends :) 




Fit on Fox


I hope you were able to catch my segment yesterday on Fit on Fox, but if not, you can still watch it here!    http://fox59.com/2015/06/06/summer-fitness-tips-for-at-home-workout/


Don't forget to tune in Fox 59 or watch online at www.fox59.com every Saturday in June to see some more moves to get you ready for summer!   Thank you to Lucy Activewear www.lucy.com for providing me with such cute, comfortable clothing to wear.  Check out next week for some info on my favorite on the go snacks, Kind Bars!  





Fit on FOX - Fox59 Summer Workout Series June 6, 2015

Hello Fitness Friends!!  I am so excited to share some fitness moves with you on Fox59 for our Summer Workout Series!  I will be coming to you each Saturday in June, with some new moves, wearing some awesome outfits by Lucy Activewear www.lucy.com.

For our first Segment, I will be demonstrating some exercises using medicine balls from Dynamax - check out their site www.medicineballs.com.  Dynamax has been around for over 30 years, providing medicine balls to some of the top athletes in the world!   The size of the Dynamax medicine balls help to keep your shoulders in a safe, neutral position, and the soft shell makes them easy to catch and throw.  These medicine balls are great for building core strength, power, and endurance, while helping you with coordination, balance, and agility.  

My first exercise using the Dynamax ball is the high knee march - 

Start out by holding the medicine ball in your arms in front of you, with your arms extended, keeping your hands slightly above and in front of the ball to maintain control.  Lift one leg, striking the ball just below your knee, and alternate legs in a marching pattern.  

Next we move on to Moguls! Stand tall with the ball positioned off one hip and turn your feet the opposite direction, with feet hip width apart and parallel.  Maintain a slight bend in the knees and ankles with your weight centered on the balls of your feet, and in unison bring the ball across the front of your body to the opposite hip while hopping your feet to point the opposite direction.  Quickly switch directions and alternate sides.


Our last move with the Dynamax ball this week is the Russian Twist.  Sit down on the ground, leaning back a few inches, with legs extended in front of you, keeping a bend in your knees.  Start with the ball at one hip, then bring it in front of your body to the other hip, keeping your core engaged, alternating side to side. 


Moving on to some equipment free moves, we will go to a squat with hip abduction.  Keeping feet wider than hip width apart, hands clasped, lower down into a squat, keeping your chest up, lowering until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground.  As you lift up out of the squat, extend one leg out to the side, keeping your leg straight.  Alternate sides. 

Last, is the plank!  If you feel like a full plank is too much for you, you can always do a modified version keeping your knees on the ground.  Lower yourself down to the ground, with your hands beneath your shoulders, fingers spread wide.  Extend you legs lifting yourself up so that you have a straight line from your forehead, all the way down to your ankles. 

These 5 moves can be done in 30 second increments, taking a 10-30 second rest in between moves.  Repeat the circuit 2-5 times. 

If you don't live local, you can still check out the segment on www.fox59.com








Hello Summer!!

Hello everyone!  It is a beautiful, sunny day, and I can hardly believe the month of May is ending in just a few days!!!! Where did this year go?  

Well, with summer rapidly approaching, that means our bathing suits are coming out too.  If you didn't have as fit of a winter as you were hoping, time to get up and get moving!  If you need some inspiration or new moves, make sure to watch FOX59 Saturdays all month long in June to catch my latest Beach ready workouts on Fit on FOX!   I will also be featuring some of the latest workout gear from LUCY Activewear, amazing workouts with medicine balls from Dynamax, and of course, my all time favorite snack on the go, Kind bars!   More details will follow, including pics with details on all the workout moves!  

Keep Happy! 







Race time!!!

This winter has seemed to drag on, February isn't even over yet, but it really feels like it should be!  I feel like my workouts have started to slow down, and I haven't been feeling super motivated to get moving - other than my weekly teaching schedule of course.  I started thinking about signing up for another race a few weeks back, and I realized that the last race I did was the Geist Half Marathon last year! How has almost an entire year gone by???  So, I checked the calendar, and I have just shy of 12 weeks to start training and get ready for the Geist Half Marathon of 2015!   I went online, printed off a free training schedule, and jumped on the treadmill.  While treadmill running is not my most favorite, it is 2 degrees outside, and I have no interest in hitting the icy sidewalks, at least not for another month or so.  It felt good to run again, since it has been a few months since I have even been on the treadmill, and my girls behaved surprisingly well!  (25 minutes almost uninterrupted, quick diaper change, and 15 minutes straight!).  I know that I am making a commitment to this race, and now that I have, I am ready for it.  After my run, I decided to put on this bracelet I put together for myself for a little daily reminder that I am doing this, and that I CAN do this!  

There is something so satisfying about finishing a race, or accomplishing a goal.  Finishing my first 5K a few years back was the start of something great for me in the world of fitness, so I am happy to get back to running!  Post your favorite races below in the comments - I know I am setting myself up for a hilly challenge in May, but I am excited!  If you want info on how to design and order a motivational bracelet for yourself, message me, or check out this site www.keep-collective.com/with/kelleym  





Indy Style February 2, 2015

Want more info on the products you saw on Indy Style?  All the details are listed below!  Please reach out to me if you have any questions.  XOXO  Kelley



Kind Snacks


Kind Healthy Grains Clusters 

A perfect snack made from whole ingredients you can see and pronounce, and include 5 super grains! Healthy grain clusters are a low fat, high fiber, high protein snack, and are great added into yogurt or with milk.

Kind and Strong Bars

These bars are made from ingredients you can see and pronounce.  They are filled with bold and spicy flavors, and have 10 grams of protein.  The Strong and Kind bars are soy and whey free as well!  These bars are perfect after a workout, and the individual packaging makes them perfect to keep in your gym bag or car. 

When it comes to snacks, focus on quality, not quantity - especially when it comes to calories. I recommend KIND bars as they are made with wholesome, satiating ingredients! 



Erin Condren

2015 Life Planner – Quick Ship $50


If you choose this planner with the quick ship option, it will get to you even faster, and it comes with a coupon you can send in to get your personalized cover later.  This is the perfect planner to coordinate all the important events in your life, including your workouts!   

Happy New You Clutch - $25 – perfect accessories to compliment your life planner, including a wellness journal, snap in to do list, and snap in meal planner, all perfect for keeping your fitness on track!

Colorful Markers  $8.95

Scented Candle – Island Fleur -$22


Athleta Indy Keystone at the Fashion Mall

Athleta is the premier fitness fashion brand for women who see being healthy and fit as vital to life.  Athleta has workout clothing for women that performs, while making you feel your best!  You can feel comfortable wearing your workout clothing to run errands, out with friends for coffee before or after class, and know you will have great performance for your workout.  The staff at Athleta Indy are ready to help you pick out the perfect outfit! Power to the She!

Join Kelley Minnaugh for two FREE Barre Blend classes at the Athleta Indy store at the Fashion Mall Saturday February 7, and Saturday February 21 at 8:30am, with private shopping after class! 


Indy Style Segment and Products



Pillow of Health
www.thepillowofhealth.com (keep in mind the “the” at the beginning) 

- Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more. The Pillow of Health is designed to provide the most restful and comfortable sleep of your life. 

One of the primary fillings used in The Pillow Of Health is medical-grade, high resilience foam that is specially engineered to reduce pressure points and relieve pain. Machine washable, adjustable and made in the USA!

It's adjustable design and high quality materials make it one of the most luxurious pillows available today. Because the pillow is adjustable you may take out extra filling, or add more. 

- Starting at $134.99



-Rocktape is designed to enhance performance and recovery. Rocktape is a special kind of tape known as kinesiology tape, which works by creating a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism, allowing more blood to move into an injured area to accelerate healing and recovery. 

-It's good for knee problems, rotator cuff, groin and hamstring pulls, lower back issues, shin splints, tennis and golf elbow, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and postural correction.

Price: $20 (2" roll) and $40 (4" roll)


Rock Sauce


-Rock Sauce is the most powerful topical lotion for isolated muscle pain and joint soreness on the planet. If you've used BioFreeze, Ben Gay, PowerFlex or China Gel, you know how great these pain relievers can be. 

-Rocktape challenged its scientists to create something even better than BioFreeze, Ben Gay or PowerFlex. Rock Sauce works as a stand-alone pain reliever, but can also be used in conjunction with Rocktape's athletic tapes as a skin prep and pain reliever.

-$19.95 (4 oz. bottle)


ActivMotion Bar


-Unique fitness bar is always moving and strengthening your core with every exercise, because it’s filled with rolling steel weights. 

-Provides a multisensory workout experience. The moment you pick it up, you’ll hear the weights move inside and feel them challenging your body.

-$119 and up

Hair Warrior

- When you perspire the salt that is released in your sweat can result in dry, brittle and dull-looking hair. The brand-new Hair Warrior is an all-natural solution that you apply to your hair before working out.  

- It reduces frizziness, preserves color and adds volume and shine! Hair Warrior is vegan-friendly, gluten free and contains natural botanicals and essential oils.  

-Made in the U.S.A. and is the best new invention for your hair since shampoo! 

-Starting at $24.

FIT Radio


- FIT Radio is a dynamic app that provides over 25 channels of professionally DJ’d music in all genres (Hip Hop, Rock, etc) designed to maintain BPMs (beats per minute) between songs without awkward transitions or advertising.

-There is no flipping through music like you would do on Spotify or an old iPod so you can focus 100% on your workout.  


- The app is available for android and iPhone.  There is a free and premium subscription option.

Website - www.vida.com

-App offers a fantastic combination of technology with a human touch. Convenience of technology, with the personalization, warmth and accountability from a real person.


-Just as good for someone working on overall health and physical fitness goals as it is for someone battling a chronic condition.


Price - app free to download, $15 per week, right now, first two weeks free.



- It’s Ultra-fast and filters in seconds.  

- The Aquasana Powered Water Filtration system filters out more than 96% of lead, mercury, asbestos, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, chloramines and more giving you clean, healthy water.

$129 for the docking station, water pitcher and filter

Love your body, no matter what

This morning, I had a very close friend send me a message - it was personal, and it had so much meaning.  She told me that even though she would like to, she will not go to a yoga class because she isn't skinny enough.  It really made me sad thinking about the fact that in the world we live in, someone is too intimidated to go to an exercise class, because their size isn't right.  She attached with her note an article which showed photos of curvy women doing yoga, and it inspired her.  http://www.rebelcircus.com/blog/curvy-girls-nailed-yoga-poses/

I took some time to go through the photos, and they beautiful and inspiring.  It doesn't matter how curvy you are, or how skinny you are.  In any sort of fitness environment, everyone should feel welcome. 

I wanted to tell my friend that it does not matter your size.  To get out there and try a class.  If it will make you feel more comfortable, take a friend.  If that still feels like too much, try it at home first with a dvd or online video, but don't let the fear control you.  When we change our behaviors, or limit ourselves in activity because we are afraid of what someone else thinks, we lose.  

I also want to point out that as a Group Fitness Instructor, I sometimes feel a moment of intimidation - or worry what people will think.   Then I realize, every person in my class is there because they want to better themselves.  They are not gong to judge me if I drop down to my knees for pushups.  I don't need to explain to them that it is my third class of the day and that my arms are tired.  Each person in that room is worried about their own workout, their own body, their own problems.  No one is looking at the student on the mat next to them and thinking that they shouldn't be there because they wear a different pant size.  I can also tell you, that in my classes, I have students of all sizes.  I have skinny gals without enough arm muscle to do a push up or chaturanga.  I have larger women who are there, with a smile, week after week, nailing the choreography.  I have men who walk in just a little bit intimidated in the female dominated group fitness setting.  I have students with health problems, those who have had surgeries, and who have had babies.  I have mothers and daughters, best friends, grandmothers, coworkers, and husbands.   Everyone is there for their own reason, and all I ask of them is that they try their best (and turn off their cell phones, lol).  

I just want to make sure you all feel comfortable to put yourself out there.  Getting yourself to that first class is the hardest step, but once you are there,  you are a part of the group, and the only person who is judging you, is you.  You can do this!  Get out there, get out of your comfort zone, and pull on those yoga pants, no matter what size.